Your customers and employees expect meaningful, personalized interactions that provide validation of their contributions to your organization. Use Badgeville’s leading digital motivation solution to drive a highly engaged customer base and greater employee participation and performance.

Badgeville enables you to:

Strengthen sales and support performance


Streamline customer self-service


Increase collaboration


Improve learning and development programs


Leverage built-in analytics

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Gamification Software

SalesMotivate for Sales Performance

Increase your sales team’s performance and engagement level by adding digital motivation to their daily processes. Reward and recognize ideal behaviors to inspire them to work harder, smarter, and faster toward goals.

  • Improve User Adoption of Create a more dynamic experience for users that rewards their participation and recognizes them for their contributions
  • Grow Revenue and Reduce Sales Cycles: Increase revenue through better sales performance
  • Integrated Experience: More engaged sales culture via digital motivation inside their experience
  • Improved Data Hygiene: Streamline data quality and manage tighter sales pipelines
  • Increase Teamwork: Encourage better collaboration by rewarding valuable behaviors
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ServiceMotivate for Service Performance

Track and reward service reps for meeting key aspects of their job. Also, using imported CSAT data, you can credit agents based on post-transaction survey responses from customers.

  • Improve Service Levels: Decrease open cases and response times
  • Foster Organizational Knowledge: Achieve data hygiene goals more easily and consistently
  • Improve NPS/CSAT Ratings: Provide service agents with an integration view into their performance
  • Gather Actionable Data: Analyze areas of strength and weakness to drive performance improvements
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Sales Gamification Software
Gamification Tools for Sales

Badgeville Platform-as-a-Service

For more customized gamification solutions, including integration with custom and mobile applications, choose Badgeville Platform-as-a-Service. We’ll work with you to integrate digital motivation into your existing systems, even across multiple digital experiences or areas across your business.

The Badgeville platform includes these sophisticated capabilities:

  • Rules Engine: Reward particular behaviors at a single point in time, or tie contextual and audience metadata to specific behaviors
  • Guided Experience: The Guided Experience progresses users toward goals such as certifications, training, or compliance, visually showing them what they need to do next
  • Advocacy Engine: Reward people based on the comments, likes, posts, blogs, and hashtags that they share on their social networks
  • Reputation Center: Visually showcases individual milestones and achievements, helping people build their personal brand, an intrinsic motivator that pushes additional accomplishments
  • Advanced Analytics: Provides all the reports and visualizations you need, including cohort analysis, heat maps, trend analysis, segmentation, and more
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