Three Favorite Customer Short Stories to Come Out of C3 2016

CallidusCloud’s big event drew to a close roughly a week ago, which has given me a little time to reflect on some of the things I heard from customers while I was there. Since I [...]

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Five Behaviors Your Commissions Plan Should be Driving (But probably Isn't)

Charles Eames, the American designer who might be responsible for the chair you’re sitting in right now, once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Eames also said, “Design is a [...]

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The Internet of Things: a Stealthy Revolution That’s Already Been Won

It will probably surprise no one that this year’s C3 conference will feature a lot of discussion of the Internet of Things. CallidusCloud telegraphed its move toward IoT last summer at Dreamforce and again this [...]

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Changing Corporate Culture with Commissions

Preparing for C3 2016 is a lot of work when you’re part of the team staging the event. Much goes on behind the scenes, and the pace gets more intense right up until the opening [...]

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C3 Panel Preview: Five More Unexpected Benefits that CPQ Delivers

We have a lot of great sessions scheduled for C3 2016. I’m lucky enough to be moderating a couple of panels at the event, including one about CPQ and what we call “success creep,” or [...]

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How Much Money are Quoting Errors Costing You?

The demand for Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions is growing and expanding to new industries and into businesses that are smaller than had been traditional in the past. That’s because business is changing: companies are [...]

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Contract Lifecycle Management, eSignatures and the Road to Real Profitability

The American comedian Todd Barry did a great job of describing something as ridiculously easy: “that’s not as easy as shooting fish in a barrel,” he deadpanned. “It’s as easy as looking at fish in [...]

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Solving Sales Operations’ Biggest Challenges

Sales operations leaders play a crucial role in translating their businesses’ objectives into actionable plans and programs for the sales force and, ultimately, achieving sales growth. That role is becoming ever more crucial, a Sales [...]

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Peyton Manning – and five other great reasons to go to C3 2016

You may have heard the news by now: the celebrity keynote speaker at C3 2016 in Las Vegas is Peyton Manning. Yes, that Peyton Manning, the five-time most valuable player of the National Football League, [...]

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Sink or Swim: are You Giving Sales Managers the Tools and Skills They Need to Keep Afloat?

Sales managers have one of the oddest routes to leadership of anyone in business. Essentially it is this: they show exceptional skill over time at one task – selling – and eventually they are tapped [...]

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