Commissions Disputes: the Reason Everyone Feels Sorry for Your Comp Manager

I’m going to make a sweeping statement right now, but it’s one I think would be absolutely accurate. If you were to poll every six-year-old child in America and ask them what they want to [...]

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What Customer Experience Should You Try to Deliver?

Business people can’t go wrong by throwing the term “customer experience” into conversation. “This year, the focus is on the customer experience.” “We’re going to re-focus our processes around the customer experience.” “What differentiates us [...]

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In the Era of Big Data, the Best at Analysis Win the Compensation Battle

We’ve said it repeatedly: automated commissions systems are much more than mere calculators that spit out checks for your sales teams. They do a lot: they eliminate the vast majority of disputes, they avoid overpayments [...]

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When It Comes to Commissions, Excel is Not Free

Business software is not inexpensive. It’s a mission-critical tool that needs to be stable, contain the right features, integrate with the right systems and deliver the right user experience to the right users. That requires [...]

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Three Signs Your CPQ Solution is Ready for Replacement

Nothing lasts forever, they say. The great mountains were lowly valleys until tectonic forces propelled them upward, and as soon as they reached their apex the winds and rains began the relentless process of wearing [...]

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Adoption Strategies of the Rich and Successful

For about a decade, I’ve been focused on sales and marketing software. I’ve covered it as a journalist and as a content marketer, as an analyst and a consultant. And I wish I could say [...]

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The Best Way to Sell a Solution? Help Your Customers Define Their Problems

I just returned from CRM Evolution in Washington D.C., an event chaired by my friend Paul Greenberg, who’s been dubbed the “Godfather of CRM” (although I’m pretty sure he’s never had anyone whacked). This event [...]

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Three Favorite Customer Short Stories to Come Out of C3 2016

CallidusCloud’s big event drew to a close roughly a week ago, which has given me a little time to reflect on some of the things I heard from customers while I was there. Since I [...]

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Five Behaviors Your Commissions Plan Should be Driving (But probably Isn't)

Charles Eames, the American designer who might be responsible for the chair you’re sitting in right now, once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” Eames also said, “Design is a [...]

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The Internet of Things: a Stealthy Revolution That’s Already Been Won

It will probably surprise no one that this year’s C3 conference will feature a lot of discussion of the Internet of Things. CallidusCloud telegraphed its move toward IoT last summer at Dreamforce and again this [...]

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