We’re excited to announce a new product at C3 2014: Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). CLM will integrate seamlessly with CallidusCloud CPQ and provide the foundation for managing and tracking your contracts from inception to post termination.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Screenshot

Do you follow best-in-class practices for sales contract management?

Recent research from the Aberdeen Group demonstrates that Best-in-Class companies are proactively deploying core competencies and technology enablers to reduce friction in the traditional sales cycle, ensuring that their sales teams achieve astounding results such as the ones noted below:

  • 91% overall team attainment of sales quota
  • 87% of sales reps achieve quota
  • 11.5 growth in corporate revenue
  • 2.3% year-over-year improvement (reduction) in average sales cycle

Automate your contract management from inception to termination with CallidusCloud's CLM solution

Automate your contract negotiations, stay compliant with contract obligations, and avoid revenue loss. CLM manages the negotiations process and provides quick insight into contract obligations, exposures, expirations, changes and renewals to give your organization more control over your contracts and reduce the cost of contract management.

Automate the lifecycle of your contracts with CallidusCloud Contract Lifecycle Management. Streamline the creation, negotiating, and storing of contracts to close deals faster. CLM manages key milestone dates, renewal alerts, and internal compliances to protect the bottom-line.

CLM addresses all key business functions, including:

  • Contract Creation: Attributes can be tracked at the contract or agreement level
  • Redlining Workspace with Audit Trail: Quickly track all of redlining and manage changes
  • Document Version Control: Easy version control for each document iteration
  • Centralized Repository for all Documents: A single secure location for all documents
  • Approval Process: Auto-escalate contract approval between business clients and legal staff
  • Notification Process: Automate alerts that provide advance email notifications of contract renewal and expiration dates

Curious? Learn more about CallidusCloud CLM and get your free trial today!

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