Integrating marketing automation, performance improvement, sales performance management and sales effectiveness might seem like complicated machinery. But CallidusCloud President and CEO Leslie Stretch told a packed house during the C3 opening keynote address that it’s not complicated. It’s just Lead to Money.

“It’s not complicated,” he told them. While sales managers are struggling with sales forecasts, sales people want to have better outcomes. “This,” he continued, “is about getting you those outcomes.”

The excitement was palpable as executives showed game-changing sales performance product releases and customers revealed business-boosting results.

Game Changer

In his opening keynote in front of more than 700 (plus 1,200 watching the live stream video), enlisted the aid of Dan Koellhofer, Vice President of Product Management, to show startling integration and ease of use among CallidusCloud products. In a live demo on an iPad, Koellhofer showed the integration between CallidusCloud products for hiring, training, coaching and compensating. He also demonstrated how a sales rep could manage territories and quotas in a few keystrokes with precision and granular control. Lead to Money did not look complicated at all.

Upcoming releases will include pre-packaged integration with Salesforce , Workday, SAP, Dynamics CRM, and Oracle.

Proof Points

CallidusCloud’s new user interface provides iPad-easy functionality for the entire lead to money process, separating itself from the competition even more. In the sessions that followed, more details emerged about functionality for territories and quotas. Separate territories, add or subtract sales reps, apply and model different percentages, define territories by an almost unlimited number of segments.

Analysts Accenture, Canidium, Forrester Research and Gartner Research underscored the importance of intuitive design, mobile accessibility and system integration. Each revealed that as younger workers have become accustomed to super intuitive interfaces that they can figure out in minutes on their phones and tablets, they expect the same from all the systems they use – including their sales and marketing systems.

Customers provided powerful proof points that CallidusCloud has separated itself from other sales effectiveness solution providers:

Importance of Gaming

In the closing keynote address, world renowned game designer, author and thought leader Jane McGonigal used her scientific knowledge (she is a PhD) to show that gaming is not just a waste of time. In fact, she revealed that under the right circumstances gaming can help relieve pain in burn victims, help cancer patients remember to take their drugs, and help relieve anxiety. The reason is that the emotions released during gaming are the same emotions necessary for success. Gamers are resilient against failure, play cooperatively, and work fearlessly toward their goal.

Over the summer, CallidusCloud will push toward its next goal of providing an unparalleled experience for sales and marketing professionals who need to be always more productive and efficient. Visit to learn more and watch more videos from the conference.

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