In every sales organization, reps have one main priority and goal in mind: close deals, and close them fast. From conference calls to demos, in-person presentations to negotiations, getting that deal closed is always on the mind.

With that said, many companies are still lacking the tools that help their reps get to the finish line. Every day I hear the same story: “The quoting process is completely manual, approvals take way too long and proposals take hours to create.” The end result: sales reps may have to deal with hours of manual work, going back and forth with managers, and plagued by the fear of that deal slipping away with every minute that it still isn’t closed. So close, yet so far away.
If You Want to Close Deals, You Need to Get to the Point

Closing deals is the most important part of sales reps’ jobs – they are the revenue generators of every company. They shouldn’t have to face any extra obstacles when they’ve almost won the race.

CPQ allows sales reps to maximize deals and accelerate the sales cycle by generating accurate quotes within minutes. From their desk or on the go, the guided selling process makes the closing process simple and easy with up-sell and cross-sell capabilities right at their fingertips. It’s not magic – it’s automation.

An example of how effective it is: CallidusCloud CPQ users generate more than 46,000 quotes worth more than $3 billion a month using Configure Price Quote.  It’s simple: Companies using CPQ sell more than those that don’t.

  • 50 percent of top performing companies have an automated process for guided selling
  • 60 percent of CPQ users are able to avoid the “no decision” loss
  • Time it takes to develop a quote, proposal, or RFP response reduced by 14 percent with CPQ
  • CPQ users see a 49 percent higher average proposal volume that non-CPQ users

For a full run-down on the numbers, check out our report "CPQ: the ROI Argument." Better still – test it out for yourself. Download a CPQ 30 Day Free Trial and see how your sales reps can get to the point with CallidusCloud CPQ and close more deals faster than before.

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