At a time when mobile phones are the primary device to clear inboxes and people spend over two hours a day on the mobile web, how modern is your sales force?sales reps stuck with spreadsheets

Despite all the great new apps, devices, and technologies out there, often the only technology that sales reps use is a CRM platform, which is a reporting and forecasting tool that can do little to speed up the sales process.

Let’s take the example of a sales rep in the manufacturing sector. For every meeting the rep has to lug around heavy pricing books and product books. An interested prospect will ask for a quote and the rep will say, “I’ll get back to you,” leaving the customer hanging and lengthening the sales cycle.

You can’t blame the rep for he has his work cut out for him. To prepare a quote the rep will have to consult engineers, manually flip between different offline sources of information to configure a complex piece of equipment with millions of parts and thousands of options based on customer requirements, specs, and technical limitations. After configuration the price is worked out manually with nothing more than a barebones spreadsheet. This manual quoting and proposal process is not only time consuming but also error-prone and tends to be inconsistent in terms of format and branding.

There is certainly a better way. Why not make the life of your sales rep smoother and simultaneously grow your topline through the Lead to Money process. Join CallidusCloud, DocuSign, and The Sales Management Association on August 21st for a webinar on 3 best practices that can help modernize your sales force. You will learn:

  • How to shorten the sales cycle through electronic workflows and approval processes.
  • How technology can help you reduce errors in contract, product selection, and pricing.
  • How to increase productivity for your sales teams.

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