Build Your Inbound Reporting Dashboard Today

Inbound marketing is comparatively cheap, yields better quality leads, and easier to measure than outbound marketing, making it unstoppable. While outbound is far from dead, inbound marketing is the name of the game today.

In inbound, you drive unidentified visitors to your shop window aka your website. Make sure your shop window is enticing and extracts plenty of useful information about your visitors. Technology, data and measurement are the secret sauce to convert inbound into revenue.

convert inbound prospects into revenueHere are 7 actionable tips from Rob Israch, VP Global Marketing Programs at NetSuite to engage and convert your inbound audience:

Use Web Analytics: Don’t just let the creative guys take over your website to make it look all pretty. Tap into web analytics. Find out what content people engage with? What content do they never click on?

Use IP Analytics: Have a problem with unidentified leads? Use powerful IP look up data like that provided by marketing automation. Find out who is on your website including company name, industry, employee size, annual revenue, etc.

Know What Your Leads Search for: Use the language your leads and customers use in your messaging rather than just relying on your internal brain storming sessions.

Dynamically Serve Relevant Web Content: Use the IP look up data to serve different content to different audiences. For example, have different landing page content dynamically served up depending on whether the visitor is from a small business or from a large enterprise. Change the messaging, graphics, and customer logos appropriately.

Use Multivariate Testing Tools for Key Web Pages and Landing Pages: Test your key web pages and landing pages. There are free and paid versions of testing tools. Find out which lead baits work and which don’t. Don’t just rely on your gut feeling.

Use Inbound to Grow Outbound: Use the knowledge you have gained from inbound to drive your outbound campaigns. For instance you could:

  • Advertise to your inbound visitors through retargeted ads.
  • Use the IP look up data of visitors to strengthen your outbound database.
  • Leverage and repurpose your inbound content for your outbound marketing.

Pass Lead Intelligence Into Your CRM: Lead history and intelligence should all be in your CRM system so sales reps know everything about leads such as pages visited, emails clicked, and real-time web activity. Sales can then craft their messaging based on this lead intelligence.

Build Your Inbound Reporting Dashboard

So you run great inbound marketing campaigns but if there are no returns you won’t be running them for long. Monitor the following key indicators in your inbound reporting dashboard real time so you know your dollars are well spent.

  • Number of leads versus same time last year.
  • How many leads have turned into opportunities, how many have converted into sales.
  • Number of customers (up/down)
  • Conversion metrics
  • Number of nurtured leads versus new leads
  • Leads by various products
  • Number of leads by lead source such as email, events, paid keyword, etc.
  • Sales by lead source in actual $ terms

This was just a sneak peek of our recently concluded webinar: How to Get the Most Out of Your Inbound Marketing. Check out the recorded webinar for a deep dive!

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