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For organizations that rely primarily on an indirect sales force via the channel, resellers, distributors, alliances or partners, the de-centralized nature of sales management presents increased challenges in overall productivity. Rather than let the complexity of channel sales management create barriers, Best-In-Class organizations are tackling them head on with technology services and products that yield top-drawer business results.

Read the Aberdeen Report and begin benchmarking your adoption of best practices and technologies that impact salesforce productivity, specifically via the channel against both your peers and in comparison to Best-in-Class companies.

Learn how and why among these Best-In-Class organizations:

  • 86% report that their channels align with their corporate brand objectives as opposed to just 66% of all others
  • 81% have a formalized ability to identify the most productive partners as opposed to 50% of all others
  • 73% consider their partner incentive programs as having an impact on channel performance as opposed to 50% of all others
  • 73% have clear visibility into their channel performance as opposed to 50% of all others

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