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Commissions Solutions

Research Views

Compensation administrators can settle compensation disputes in minutes with one-click traceability. With Research Views, admins can:

  • Trace payout calculation all the way back to the original sale
  • Settle disputes in minutes by easily sharing calculation information with sales reps
  • Have a richer understanding of compensation data
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Sales Commissions Tools

Relationships, Hierarchies and Flexibility

Apply credit for a sale to multiple levels and organizations, including channel partners. Get an accurate picture of your top contributors to sales so you can apply compensation fairly.

  • Easily apply modular rules-based elements like rates and thresholds
  • Apply timestamps to every change for organization and tracking
  • Double performance through proper sale attribution
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Modeling and Simulation

Model the top line and bottom line impact of sales, coverage, and incentive scenarios; and rapidly apply the optimal strategy and ensure accurate cash allocation.

  • Easily define models to simulate changes in compensation plans, rates, rules, quotas, and territories
  • Run models based on historical, simulated, or projected data in your production environment
  • Visualize and compare models to forecast payouts and assess impact on top and bottom performers
  • Route models through approvals before promoting to production in a single click
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Incentive Compensation Software

Reporting and Analytics

Gain actionable insight into sales and sales channel performance anytime, anywhere. Uncover sales trends and fact-based indicators in real time to help optimize your global go-to-market for breakthrough sales performance.

  • Uncover performance data insights with easy-to-use reporting tools for better business decisions
  • Get real-time status at a glance using dashboards that display your key performance indicators
  • Quickly build your own reports with our intuitive drag and drop ad-hoc reporting tool
  • Take advantage of prepackaged security, workflow, compensation reports, and sales analytics by role
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Approvals and Workflow

Streamline communication with sales teams to improve productivity and avoid lengthy dispute resolution processes. Save time with flexible, detailed queries.

  • Define workflow templates that include standard approval processes
  • Rapidly generate personalized plan documents and spiffs, distribute for review, and gain acceptance in minutes
  • Collaborate with the field with out-of-the-box support for filing, tracking, and resolving disputes and any sales operations inquiries
  • Ensure compliance with comprehensive workflow management for sales sign-off, inquiry routing, approvals, and integrated incentive processing
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Incentive Compensation Solutions
Sales Commissions Software

Sales Gamification

Drive sales people to adopt the behaviors, training and tools critical to their success.

  • Transforms work tasks from obligations into compelling missions
  • The recognition of being the best surpass the cash incentive among top sales professionals
  • An effective, balanced incentive regime mixes traditional cash centric regimes with a strong non-cash element derived from a structured game that builds points over a timescale appropriate for sales cycle
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Watch Shaklee, Lenovo, and Pivotal talk about their experiences with CallidusCloud Commissions at Salesforce HQ.

“Bringing all of the functionality into one tool allowed us to be much more efficient, much more accurate. We no longer missed any global payroll deadlines.”

– Juli Spagnuolo, Senior Manager Finance, Pivotal Software

“This allowed us to make all these different pipelines and payments simultaneously for all the geos. This saved at least 30 hours a week for every geo.”

– Josh Stamer, Sales Incentive & Commission Program Manager, Lenovo

“The biggest thing that we’re anticipating is clearing the boundaries that the distributors have to go through in order to get information. We’re bringing a lot of data so they can act on it sooner.”

– Rich Libby, CIO, Shaklee


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