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Increase sales productivity, meet sales goals consistently, and save millions of dollars in errors. Commissions helps you model the most complex incentive plans, fast, easily, and accurately.

Grow revenue


Eliminate compensation disputes


Reduce overpayments

What’s in it for you?

Sales Reps

Better visibility into forecasts and payouts.

Sales Managers

Improved team performance and management.

Sales Operations

Enhanced focus on strategy, not tactics.


Costly errors eliminated. Commissions expenses made predictable.
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Automate Incentive Compensation

Commissions is designed for the compensation administrator to automate the incentive compensation process from start to finish. Do all of this with more autonomy:

  • Model, build, and distribute compensation plans.
  • Tame complex organizational hierarchies.
  • Produce insightful reports.
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Connect Solutions with Ease

Integration is effortless with our range of options and rich connectors. Pull transactional data from CRM or push performance information into your HR system – it’s simple.

  • Integrate with all major CRM, ERP, and HR systems.
  • Import and export information with an Excel data loader.
  • Take advantage of our Extract-Transform-Load tools.
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Get a Better User Experience with Salesforce

Combine your Salesforce platform with the power of our award-winning compensation solution and you get CallidusCloud Lightning Commissions. Use Lightning Commissions and get:

  • Compelling dashboards.
  • Drag-and-drop native reporting.
  • Real-time commissions estimations.
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Motivate Your Sales Reps

Compel your sales reps to close bigger deals, faster, with unique intelligence into performance and payouts.

  • Increase cross sell and upsell with embedded incentives.
  • Use incentives to provide a better customer experience.
  • Encourage healthy competition with leaderboards, contests, and gamification.
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Shut Down Compensation Disputes in Minutes

Don’t drain your company’s resources or waste selling hours with compensation disputes. Settle disputes in minutes with one-click traceability all the way back to the original sale. Back up settled disputes with thorough information and a built-in workflow so you can better understand compensation data.

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Build Complex Compensation Plans Fast

Write compensation plans right away with out-of-the-box capabilities. Pay the right people – accurately, on time, every time – with hundreds of compensation plans, fixed and variable incentives, bonuses, and SPIFFs. Commissions ensures a robust, error-free design with:

  • Prebuilt plan logic so you’ll be up and running fast.
  • A copious rules library for a head start in plan design.
  • Built-in workflow that makes managing your plan administration easy.
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Model Compensation Plans in Three Steps

Before you roll out new plans, model them to see their impact. Use Commissions to make it simple – model plans and incentives while you:

  • Maximize sales performance with a limited compensation budget.
  • Find out if you are spending too much or too little.
  • Compare different models and push the best one into production.
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Tap into Hidden Revenue

Building reports wastes time. Use our automatic reports, dashboards, and analytics and share them with stakeholders. You will:

  • Slice and dice data to analyze sales performance.
  • Easily configure the reports to suit your organization’s needs.
  • Predict sales performance trends using Thunderbridge Analytics.
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Gartner's Sales Performance Management Magic Quadrant

Rely on a Robust, Proven, and Scalable Vendor

Commissions is a Leader in the incentive compensation management space and has been for over a decade – including four times in a row for Sales Performance Management in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Its customer base is large, spanning verticals and geographies, and includes numerous Fortune 500 customers. In a single year, Commissions pays out:

  • Five million payees.
  • $78 billion in commissions.
  • 1.8 trillion transactions.
  • Quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily.
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Connect to the Powerful Lead to Money Suite

Commissions is powerful as a standalone product but you can go much further with the Lead to Money suite. This suite of SaaS apps drives sales and marketing effectiveness and makes companies more money, faster.

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Watch Shaklee, Lenovo, and Pivotal talk about their experiences with CallidusCloud Commissions at Salesforce HQ.

“Bringing all of the functionality into one tool allowed us to be much more efficient, much more accurate. We no longer missed any global payroll deadlines.”

– Rachel Simon, Senior Program Manager, Field Operations, Pivotal

“This allowed us to make all these different pipelines and payments simultaneously for all the geos. This saved at least 30 hours a week for every geo.”

– Josh Stamer, Sales Incentive & Commission Program Manager, Lenovo

“The biggest thing that we’re anticipating is clearing the boundaries that the distributors have to go through in order to get information. We’re bringing a lot of data so they can act on it sooner.”

– Rich Libby, CIO, Shaklee


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