Multi-tenant SaaS

CPQ by CallidusCloud is a true multi-tenant application, removing the need for tedious, costly, and time-consuming upgrades. Without multi-tenancy, these upgrades need to occur even with a hosted application. CPQ has multiple releases throughout the year and is the only solution of its kind that enables all customers to use the latest software instantaneously — without hours, days, or even months of delay.

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Salesforce Integration

CallidusCloud is a significant partner and in the top five largest revenue-generating partners. You can use all data accessible through’s API to seamlessly populate your CPQ by CallidusCloud quote and proposal fields. Save the results into various fields with the Salesforce CRM application. Integrate with Salesforce, and avoid using multiple URLs or downloading software. Seamlessly transfer customer information from Salesforce into CPQ. Add new products to the pricebook if they don’t already exist in Salesforce. Create quotes and proposals in CPQ and save them in Salesforce opportunities. All of these tasks can be accomplished from a sales rep’s mobile device through the CPQ by CallidusCloud Salesforce1 mobile app.

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Oracle CRM On Demand Integration

CPQ by CallidusCloud integrates with Oracle CRM On Demand. Go from an opportunity, to a quote, and then an order — all to help increase revenues and margins, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Provide multiple quotes per opportunity. Handle complex configurations — for any sales channel — and reduce order and pricing errors. Manage and track approvals, revisions, and the full asset lifecycle.

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Administration-Free Customization

You can customize CPQ by CallidusCloud to each user, and much of the customization and rules setting can be accomplished without involving IT or a CRM administrator. For example, the administrator defines currencies and which users have access to which currencies. Those who can use several currencies can select their defaults but also change a currency for each quote or shopping cart. The administrator needs to establish your product data, pricing, and rules only once. What’s presented to users can be in multiple languages. While the administrator can determine search and filtering defaults, each user can set up his or her own preference.

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CRM Agnostic

CPQ by CallidusCloud is not native to Salesforce or any other CRM system, which brings various benefits. Computation power enables the CPQ engine to price while configuring, instead of waiting on the user to initiate pricing action. CRM systems are data intensive, not computation intensive.

In addition, CPQ sets no limits on products, configurations, or rules. You have the flexibility to customize and enhance, unconstrained by CRM code. And you can make pricing or product catalog changes for your CPQ yourself, without relying on your current CRM administrator.

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CPQ provides you with pricing behavior intelligence to help determine pricing trends. See what products are selling most, to whom, when, and at what price.

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