Channel and Partnership

Automated Channel Support

Provide your channel partners with an experience similar to that of your direct sales force. Pricing concessions are either automatically granted or, if they violate your margin or other rules, they are automatically routed for approvals through channel leadership.

Partners can take advantage of the Ask an Expert feature and have subject matter experts answer questions about products.

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Partner Branding

With the CPQ by CallidusCloud proposal generator, your partners can create quotes that include their own branding. Workflow can be significantly different for different types of users. Various distributors might request pricing concessions, payment term concessions, and so on.

Your partners can create a quote or place an order with CPQ, which allows full automation without human intervention. For example, your ERP system can change a status of an order from placed to shipped, which can automatically trigger an email notification to be sent.

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Guided Selling

Make it easier for partners to find what they are looking for. As they specify what they need, the software narrows down the list of applicable products. Users can view side-by-side comparisons to find the right products and options, and they can analyze detailed product specifications.

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The software also highlights up-sell and cross-sell suggestions. CPQ by CallidusCloud:

  • Asks simple questions to guide users to the right products
  • Suggests the best options and alternatives to meet specified needs
  • Provides real-time information on products through the Ask an Expert capability

Multi-tier Pricing

With CPQ by CallidusCloud, you can handle market-based pricing, currency conversions, contract pricing, one-time or recurring fees, purchases or leases, and so on. Multi-tier pricing supports partner channels, geographies, and currencies.

Enable your company to sell through different channels. You can control and display product availability, pricing, and discounting according to channel, geography, industry, customer, or date.

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Promotions and Special Offers

Easily set up promotions and special pricing via a simple point-and-click setup or an Excel upload. CPQ by CallidusCloud allows total control over offer availability rules, such as start and expiration date, minimum quantity requirements, minimum order size requirements, user type, market, and so on. With such control, you can respond quickly to market needs.

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How to Increase Sales Velocity with CPQ

By increasing Sales Velocity, the time it takes a new lead to become a closed deal, you will reduce sales friction and increase win rate.



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