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3 Things to Consider When Sifting Through Quote and Proposal Solutions

You know you need to automate your sales processes; especially the quote and proposals process so your customers don’t get annoyed and take their business to your competitors. Getting accurate quotes is absolutely necessary, so you can come up with convincing proposals and get your order. Not just this, you will also have to get software that fits the needs of your company and not simply the cheapest option available.

But when sifting through the many options available in the market, you will have so many choices that it is likely that you will be overwhelmed. It is difficult to make a decision that is going to affect your sales without considering the details. So, in this post, we have come up with a list of three things you absolutely have to consider when looking for the right quote and proposal solutions for your company.

1. Is my business going to expand over the years?

Your business plans in the future should be the deciding factor on whether the software you are considering is going to help you in the long run. Your current requirements may not be the same as your company’s requirement in the future. And therefore, you should choose a CPQ system that is easily scalable to higher levels. You don’t want the added cost of changing your Quote and proposal software, when you expand your business, do you?

2. Can this be used with my existing software?

Your CPQ will be right next to your CRM because they will eventually be managed by the same team. And if you integrate the two, you will get to share data between the software, making work a lot easier for your sales team. So, you should look for a quote and proposal software that can be integrated with other software you already use to streamline your sales processes and improve customer experience.

3. What are the costs of upgrades and maintenance?

Getting quote and proposal solutions software for your company is not like getting furniture and forgetting about it. Since it is an important sales tool, it is necessary to keep it updated with the latest technology and have it maintained regularly. Be sure to ask your vendor the cost of maintenance and if the software comes with free updates.

If you are looking for a complete quote and proposal solutions software, the CallidusCloud has what you are looking for. They sell CPQ software for both small and large companies over a wide range of industries and have quote and proposal solutions that allow you to send accurate quotes and convincing proposals via email to your clients. Apart from creating quotes only in a few seconds, CallidusCloud also comes with a free trial so you can be sure that the software works for your company before you pay for it.

Quote and Proposal Solutions

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