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Pricing Behavior Intelligence

CPQ by CallidusCloud is more than a tool for sales reps to configure and quote solutions for their customers. Sales leaders can use CPQ to understand how the sales team is selling. How quickly are sales managers approving transactions? How often is sales discounting — too often or not often enough? There is no way to capture this information when using a manual quoting process and the information is not stored in the CRM system. With this data, leaders in sales, marketing, and finance can make decisions about how to market and price products.

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Extensive Search Capabilities Across Existing Quotes and Orders

You can find any quote based on any data, such as status, customer information, postal code, part number, or product characteristic. These searches can help you find a similar quote so you can copy it, analyze historical discounts, track reasons for wins or losses, and so on.

You also can find any historical order, including any revision of any order, which can be used for clarification purposes or as a starting point for a new order.

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Analytics at Your Fingertips

Turn insight into the right mix of products, services, and pricing for each customer’s requirements. Uncover performance data insights through easy-to-use reporting tools, and make better business decisions. Get real-time status at a glance by using dashboards that display your key performance indicators. With the CPQ by CallidusCloud intuitive drag-and-drop ad hoc reporting tool, you can quickly build your own reports. And, you can take advantage of prepackaged security, workflow, compensation reports, and sales performance analytics by role.

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Unlimited Custom Fields and Tabs

Organize and capture all necessary information needed for quote creation or for quote tracking. Gather data such as prospects’ industry or company size, and use this data to understand what types of customers are buying your products. Marketing can use this information for targeted marketing campaigns.

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CPQ provides you with pricing behavior intelligence to help determine pricing trends. See what products are selling most, to whom, when, and at what price.

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