Multi-tier Pricing

With CPQ by CallidusCloud, you can handle market-based pricing, currency conversions, contract pricing, one-time or recurring fees, purchases or leases, and so on. Multi-tier pricing supports partner channels, geographies, and currencies.

Enable your company to sell through different channels. You can control and display product availability, pricing, and discounting according to channel, geography, industry, customer, or date.

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Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Alerts

Increase the average quote and deal size through features for intelligent up-selling, cross-selling, and real-time sales guidance. You can use CPQ by CallidusCloud to automate recommendations of premium products or to offer incentives for increased quantities. Suggest related products, accessories, services, or bundles — all to maximize revenue for each order.

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Automated and Streamlined Approvals

Automate and streamline your approval process while protecting margin throughout any negotiations. A margin health indicator protects the bottom line. You can set different criteria to trigger an approval, such as exceeding discount, gross margin thresholds, or selecting nonstandard terms. Quotes that do not trigger an approval are automatically accepted to speed up quote delivery. Since sales reps can always see margin health, delays in nonstandard discounts and negotiations are minimized.

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Automated Competitive Cross-Reference

Users can enter a competitor’s part number, and CPQ will automatically suggest equivalent products based on rules for exact match or near match, or it will alert the user that a matching product is not available. As your competitive pricing database grows, users can compare pricing side by side.

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