Best-in-Class Companies Adhere More Frequently to Process-Oriented Best Practices

Best-in-Class sales leaders deploy Configure, Price Quote (CPQ) technologies to help reduce the friction in the last mile of the sales cycle. CPQ helps sales reps build complex quotes quickly and easily, enhances the customer experience, maximize deal size, and empowers sales with the ability to negotiate pricing within guidelines while protecting margins.

Get this complimentary report today to see how CPQ users out-performed non-adopters in a significant number of sales performance metrics:

  • Sales Reps using CPQ made their quota 12% more often (58% to 46%)
  • Teams using CPQ attained sales quotas 4% more frequently (56% to 52%)
  • With CPQ, sales has a 5% higher conversion rate (35% vs. 30%)
  • CPQ-enabled reps delivered six more proposals, quotes or RFP responses per month (20.9 vs. 14.9)
  • CPQ helped shrink sales cycles from 4.68 to 3.42 months on average

Read the report to learn how the most successful companies use CPQ to become faster, more responsive and beat out the competition.

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