Rules and Approval Workflow

Product Catalog

The CPQ by CallidusCloud product catalog is powered by a robust rules engine. Rules enable each product to have an unlimited amount of data associated with it, such as size, color, dimensions, features, and so on. Apply these rules to generate customized looks for each product within the same catalog. The appearance can even change according to user type. And your services, for example, can display completely different information in a different way from your software or your hardware. Each product can have its own display template, or groups of products can also share display templates.

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Automated and Streamlined Approvals

Automate and streamline your approval process while protecting margin. Quotes trigger an approval process if they exceed discount thresholds or include nonstandard terms. Pricing concessions are either automatically granted or, if they violate your margin or other rules, they are automatically routed for approvals. CPQ by CallidusCloud places no limitations on the quantity of approval workflows. This flexibility minimizes delays in negotiations.

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Support for Complex Pricing and Discounting Rules

The CPQ pricing engine supports virtually every pricing scenario, including complex mathematical formulas that have external data calls, such as interest rates and commodity prices.

Whether your business requires thousands of variables or only a few, CPQ by CallidusCloud will provide an equally simple experience for your users.

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You can use business rules that will adjust the user interface to enhance the user experience. For example, if a sales rep is configuring a car and selects no roof rack option, then CPQ removes roof rack options from the user interface questions. This capability makes the configuring experience more intuitive.

In addition, the user interface can use any number of attributes in any way, order, layout, in any number of tabs, with any type of graphical element — such as radio button, dropdown, image, free input, validated input, list box, checkbox, or tab. So you don’t need to make your sales reps adapt to CPQ. Instead, CPQ will adapt to you.

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