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Guided Selling

Make it easier for sales reps to find what they are looking for. As they specify what they need, the software narrows down the list of applicable products. Users can view side-by-side comparisons to find the right products and options, and they can analyze detailed product specifications.

The software also highlights up-sell and cross-sell suggestions. CPQ by CallidusCloud:

  • Asks simple questions to guide users to the right products
  • Suggests the best options and alternatives to meet specified needs
  • Provides real-time information on products through the Ask an Expert capability
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Sales reps are mobile and need access to all their integrated tools while on the go. Having CPQ on mobile devices enables sales reps to prepare quotes at customer meetings and potentially shave days off the sales cycle. With CPQ by CallidusCloud, sales reps have a choice of mobile access:

  • Apple iOS native app
  • Salesforce1 app

The Salesforce1 integration extends the Salesforce system, providing a one-stop shop for all the tools needed to maximize revenue, drive sales performance, and improve productivity. The Salesforce1 app will pull in key opportunity and customer information from Salesforce, making quoting easy.

You also can install an offline client, so sales reps can run CPQ by CallidusCloud on their laptops when they’re unable to connect to the Internet — further supporting their ability to produce quotes anytime, anywhere.

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Automated Competitive Cross-Reference

When a new sales rep enters your organization and has little to no experience with your competitors, CPQ by CallidusCloud can help. When the rep learns that a prospect is already looking at a specific product, the rep can simply enter a competitor’s part number, and CPQ will automatically suggest equivalent products based on rules for exact match or near match, or it will alert the user that a matching product is not available. This capability can speed the sales onboarding time and the time to respond in a competitive situation.

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CRM Integration

CPQ by CallidusCloud is not native to any particular CRM system, which brings various benefits. Computation power enables the CPQ engine to price while configuring, instead of waiting on the user to initiate pricing action. The sales rep doesn’t need to remember to apply changes to see an updated price.

CPQ will integration with all the major CRM systems including Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and NetSuite.

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CPQ provides you with pricing behavior intelligence to help determine pricing trends. See what products are selling most, to whom, when, and at what price.

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