Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Best-in-class companies that use CLM solutions see

25% shorter sales cycles


22% reduced contract turnaround time


73% customer renewal rate


5.6% fewer contract errors

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Contract Lifecycle Management Tools
CLM Software

Automate the Negotiation of Contracts

Send and receive redlined contracts via a secure portal

  • Route contracts to key stakeholders for review to speed up the negotiation
  • Quickly track all of the redlining and manage changes
  • Integrate with your CRM system to keep your opportunity updated
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Built-in Approval Process

Contracts are automatically routed to the appropriate person/department for approval

  • Contracts are automatically routed to the appropriate person/department for approval
  • Auto-escalate contract approval between business clients and legal staff
  • Speed up approval process with parallel contract workflows – allowing legal and finance to review contracts simultaneously
  • Keep sales compliant with company policies with automated approval conditions based on user, contract type, or any other contract criteria
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CLM Solutions
Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

Centralized Document Repository

A single secure location for all contracts

  • Search all contracts in the repository by term, offering, or any other data using free text search
  • Access the contract repository from your CRM
  • Customize security settings based on contract and role
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Stay on top of Contract Milestones and Renewals

Get notified when a contract is coming up for renewal

  • Use current contract as a starting point to speed up creation of renewal
  • Find areas for uplift and add-ons to grow contract value
  • Automate alerts that provide email notifications of contract renewal, milestone, and expiration dates
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Contract Software
Contract Lifecycle Management Docusign Integration

Execute contracts faster with eSignature

When customers are ready to buy, it is vital sales executes quickly. CLM enables sales to quickly quote solutions.

Why slow the close of the sale down with manual contract execution processes? eSignature is an easy and secure method to have your customer execute contracts. When you consider that more than half of all DocuSigned documents are completed within 2 hours, why wouldn’t you entrust your eSignature needs to DocuSign? CallidusCloud is honored to help our customers accelerate the speed of business using DocuSign to conduct accurate, secure transactions.

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Top Sales Tools From 2014-2016!

CLM simplifies the creation, negotiation, and storage of contracts so business can get done. Manage obligations, renewals, and compliance to protect the business.

  • Contract Creation process is hosted, no off-line processing needed.
  • Collaborative redlining workspace. Track all of the redlining and manage changes with version control.
  • Centralized repository for all contracts. A single secure location for all contracts integrated with CRM.
  • Fully searchable repository. Search all contracts by terms, offering, or any other key data.
  • Automated approval process allows for auto-escalation of contract approval between customers and legal.
  • Obligation management with alerts. Automated alerts provide advance e-mail notification of contract milestones, renewals and expiration dates.
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