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CallidusCloud is helping us to transform the technology that allows us to reward our sales people.

- Rich Libby, CIO

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The Challenge

With over half a million distributors spread across seven different countries, Shaklee was challenged in finding a compensation platform to support their multi-level marketing strategy. Data readiness and changes in payment plans were too time consuming and manual. Their many disconnected, legacy systems were a liability to the business and limited in the ability to accurately incentivize multi-national distributorship.

The Solution

Shaklee turned to CallidusCloud for a partnership that would to extend a best-in-class commissions system to meet their genealogy and real-time volume needs worldwide. The cloud-based multilevel marketing compensation strategy scales and supports member additions to complex hierarchies, assigns real-time transactional volume to each distributor, and pays based on target revenue attainment. Having fast and accurate incentives for distributors is critical and the lifeblood of Shaklee’s business.

The Value

This Multi-Level marketing compensation strategy eliminated manual processes and maintenance costs while reducing the risk of legacy systems. The solution meets Shaklee's genealogy and real-time volume needs of the business.

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