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Datahug will make 2017 your best year yet with sales process automation, according to

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No more end-of-quarter surprises

Datahug shows you which deals are moving in your pipeline, and why.

Raise teamwide responsibility for the forecast


Get visibility into the progress of every deal


Understand how to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates

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Sales Forecasting Software
Datahug Pipeline


Give sales reps, managers, and executives visibility into the health of the pipeline. Show sales reps if they’re going to make their number, take action on time if not.

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Capture your sales reps’ and managers’ forecasts within Salesforce. Guide predictions with better data. Work together in the same system. Forget the spreadsheets.

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Datahug Forcasting
Datahug Coaching


Sales reps need ongoing feedback to improve their performance. Quarterly training doesn’t work. Provide them with guidance to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates.

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Dan Ross

Director, Strategy & Operations at Optimizely

"Datahug helped us progress a deal the first day we installed it. It was early enough so we were able to apply resources to get that deal closed."

RJ Vissers

VP, Enterprise Sales & Field Operations at Coupa

"The Datahug integration into our CRM was very seamless. It was fast, pain free, frictionless. It was there the next day."

Russ Hearl

Vice President of Sales, Mid-Market at DoubleDutch

"The impact of Datahug can be felt throughout the business. It has been nothing short of a game-changing experience."

Troy Anderson

VP, Global Inside Sales at Qlik

"Without Datahug, we wouldn’t be able to move our deals as quickly through the pipeline."


Dynamic Sales Process

Dynamic Sales Process

Building a Dynamic Sales Process.

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Sales Forecasting Acceleration

Sales Forecasting Acceleration

Get a more efficient and accurate forecast.

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B2B Sales Operations Playbook

B2B Sales Operations Playbook

The ultimate guide to mastering the art of Sales Operations.

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  • Dynamic Sales Process
    Building a Dynamic Sales Process Guide
  • Sales Forecasting eBook
    Sales Forecasting Acceleration eBook
  • Sales Ops Playbook
    Sales Operations Playbook
  • The 7 Things You Need to Know for Effective Sales Forecasting
    Datahug -7 Things You Need to Know for Effective Sales Forecasting

See how Datahug can help you forecast better and sell more

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