Add More Power to Your Lead Nurturing with CallidusCloud Marketing Software

CallidusCloud Marketing is an easy-to-use, collaborative B2B marketing automation platform designed to drive sales pipeline growth and revenues.

Lead Nurturing Program: Best Practices Made Easy

  • Build lists: Construct new prospect lists (or suppression lists) based on any set of criteria that CallidusCloud Marketing Automation tracks.
  • Create, test, schedule, send: Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage your nurture campaign processes. You can even use our prebuilt text and HTML templates to quickly create & modify your email blasts to suit your needs.
  • Reports: Get detailed campaign reports that provide you with a campaign’s performance.

Score, Qualify, and Prioritize Leads for Faster Closure

  • Labels and Filters: Categorize your leads based on different criteria intent, form fills, geography, industry, and more.
  • Scoring: Score and rank your leads based on activity and demographics. You can even add scoring as a trigger for different sets of activities within the workflow.
  • Actionable alerts: You can set up “queries” to categorize your leads using predefined criteria, and set up alerts to stay current with leads in your pipeline.

Automate Email Nurture Campaigns With Workflows

  • Time-based distribution: Set up periodic triggers for your email nurture campaign to reach your prospects at regular intervals.
  • Action-based triggers: Customize responses for different prospect reactions that support your most intricate nurture campaign needs and tactics.

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