Centralize marketing interactions, eliminate disparate marketing tools, dynamically scale as the business grows, & integrate easily with SAP CRM.

Every company is different in the way they approach integration. However, the end goal remains the same: they want to access any piece of data that is going to help them communicate and sell better.

The CallidusCloud Marketing Solution’s integration with SAP CRM coordinates the leads generated, the real-time information of the prospects identified, and the overall account management between the two systems. It then makes the information available to both marketing and sales teams.

Key features of the SAP CRM integration include:

  • Seamless bidirectional integration to ensure that the information captured by the CallidusCloud Marketing Solution can be updated to your CRM system.
  • A basic integration for those who do not have application programming interface (API) access and an advanced integration for those who do have API access.
  • A highly configurable option to synchronize objects into your CRM system based on the profile or behavioral attributes of prospects captured by the CallidusCloud Marketing Solution.
  • The ability to synchronize your CRM system with either anonymous prospect behavior (web analytics data) or touch points such as email.
  • One-click access to the CallidusCloud Marketing Solution from within SAP CRM, reducing the need to log in to separate environments.

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