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Run Intelligent Email Marketing Campaigns

The email marketing tool from the CallidusCloud Marketing Solution allows you to send personalized emails, and it tracks and analyzes prospect behavior in response to the email campaigns you run.

  • Build lists of all website visitors: Generate dynamic lists based on specific criteria, segmented lists, and suppression lists from online and offline sources.
  • Create templates on the go: Pick from a wide range of text and HTML templates. Edit the content and visuals if you wish, and you are ready to go.
  • Easily create, test, schedule, and send email campaigns: Use an intuitive editor that simplifies the creation of trackable campaigns.
  • Get detailed reports on the emails sent: Refine content to engage your prospects by using detailed reports that show opens, clicks, and information about the intent of your email recipients.
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Nurture Prospects with Intent-Based Emails

With the CallidusCloud Marketing Solution, you can track how your audience perceives your emails and then make adjustments to nurture prospects. You can also detect in real time when a prospect gets serious about the purchasing decision and then reach them with the right content. The solution gives you the flexibility to engage prospects through a variety of methods:

  • Send follow-up emails that contain information based on a prospect’s intent.
  • Use tracked links in emails to share recent customer success stories or scores over competitors.
  • Send invitations to technology events or online seminars and webinars.
  • Invite prospects to read case studies or download white papers.
  • Send newsletters about industry developments and other interesting technology-related news.
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