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The Only Lead Generation Tool That Tracks a Prospect’s Intent

The lead generation services in the CallidusCloud Marketing solution deliver unprecedented marketing insights for B2B marketers. The solution not only identifies anonymous website visitors, but it also intelligently analyzes their interests and intent to enable a targeted sales approach. You can determine where prospects are in the buying process through sophisticated behavioral analysis. All this insight helps you create personalized content, messaging, and offers based upon a prospect’s current interests and demonstrated needs.

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Advanced Lead Generation Solutions for B2B Marketers

The CallidusCloud Marketing solution provides the business intelligence required to gain deep insight into a prospect’s buying intent, buying process, and stage in the buying cycle. The solution automates the gathering and analysis of lead information, so your marketing and sales teams can dramatically improve the productivity of their pipeline and the lead conversion rate. You can:

  • Create personalized landing pages to capture a lead’s attention.
  • Consolidate leads coming from different sources.
  • Procure company-level lead intelligence about website visitors.
  • Integrate the CallidusCloud Marketing solution with your CRM system to seamlessly transfer leads to sales.
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Get the Right Leads to Sales

With the CallidusCloud Marketing solution’s lead generation process, you can capture qualified leads and rich information about those leads. Focusing on these prequalified leads significantly increases conversion rates, and sales teams can thus achieve sales targets faster. CallidusCloud offers the only marketing solution with integrated sales tools that allow sales representatives to track, manage, and communicate with prospects across their channel of preference, whether that is email, chat, social media, or voice.

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Connect with Your Prospects at the Right Time

The CallidusCloud Marketing solution provides rich contact information for leads and eliminates lead-lag. Functionality in CallidusCloud’s integrated LeadRocket platform tells your sales reps about a prospect’s status, sending immediate alerts of any changes that signal a potential buying desire. This capability helps your sales team reach a prospect with the right messages when a prospect is most receptive.

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How to Get Started with Marketing Automation

Six simple steps to select & implement a marketing automation solution.

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