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Lead Management

Streamline, Track, and Manage the Entire Lead Lifecycle

The CallidusCloud Marketing solution provides B2B enterprises with a powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based solution that intelligently enables lead management throughout the lead lifecycle.

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You can improve the efficiency of your lead identification, tracking, and nurturing processes:

  • Capture leads generated from marketing campaigns and convert anonymous website visitors into leads.
  • Acquire unmatched lead insight by using unique data mining and business intelligence technology.
  • Automatically score and prioritize leads on the basis of predefined parameters related to activity, interest, and intent.
  • Deploy personalized lead nurturing programs aimed at building relationships and bringing prospects nearer to sales readiness.
  • Implement cost-effective collaboration opportunities with partners and affiliates, and deploy one-click integration with social networking platforms.

Social Collaboration

The CallidusCloud Marketing solution offers services that incorporate the advantages of social collaboration and the wisdom of the crowd into its powerful lead management engine.

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