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Identify Leads That Provide the Best Opportunities for the Sales Team

The CallidusCloud Marketing solution helps you separate the high-intent, ready-to-buy leads from the low-intent, just-looking-for-info leads. Use this solution to score, qualify, and prioritize leads, so your sales team can identify and focus only on higher-quality leads for faster conversions. The CallidusCloud Marketing solution’s lead scoring model gives scores to both explicit and implicit data. Explicit data is static, and scores from this data are given to a prospect based on the prospect’s company size, industry segment, job title, and geographic location. Implicit data is more dynamic. Scores from this data are given based on a prospect’s digital body language: pages visited, emails clicked, white papers downloaded, and the like. The solution also allows you to set up scores and actions such as:

Score based on activity:

Set scores for leads based on different types of visitor activities, so you can quickly qualify them for lead nurturing.

Score based on demographics:

Use benchmark company profiles or individual job titles to set your scores and fast-track such leads to your sales team.

Alerts for quick action:

Set up email alerts that tell you when a lead crosses a threshold scoring level, so your sales team can quickly reach out to that prospect.

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Why Your Sales Team is Vital for Lead Scoring Success – and Vice Versa

The use of a system to prioritize leads and evaluate their readiness to buy isn’t a new thing – sales reps have been using their heads and guts to evaluate leads for hundreds of years.

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