Leverage the Power of CallidusCloud Marketing Automation to Drive Sales Revenue!

With CallidusCloud you can:

  • Identify Your Leads: View all leads coming from your website, your marketing campaign form fills, email campaigns, social media and even your offline leads all in a single dashboard.
  • Get Precise Data: Identify decision-makers even when no form is filled out. Find out the prospect’s name, contact details, location, company name, and company revenues.
  • Track Their Behavior: Learn what your leads are interested in. Did your lead register for a webinar? Did he return two days later to click on your pricing page? Get real insight into visitor intent.
  • Adopt a Lead Scoring Model: Score each lead based on demographics and behavioral patterns. You can even set up real-time email alerts that inform you when a lead crosses a threshold scoring level, so your sales team can quickly reach out to the prospect.
  • Pass on Hot Leads to Sales: Categorize your leads. Nurture your leads with our automated email campaign workflows. Engage with your prospects until your brand is top-of-mind and then pass them onto your sales team.
  • Get real insight into visitor intent and triage prospects that are signaling they are ready to buy from more casual visitors.

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