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Website Optimization: The Key to Attract Traffic

With the CallidusCloud Marketing Solution, you can optimize your website to attract high-volume, high-quality traffic from search engines and then convert that traffic into sales. A patent-pending solution from CallidusCloud delivers an unprecedented level of intelligence about a prospect’s intent and purchasing proclivities, so you can identify and qualify sales opportunities. You can also add a live chat feature to your website to capture your prospects’ details and chat with them in real time.

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Unlock Anonymous Web Visitors

Uncover hidden opportunities from anonymous web traffic. The CallidusCloud Marketing Solution accurately identifies enterprise visitors and their intent, thereby helping you build a healthy pipeline.

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Optimize Your Company’s Ranking in Search Results

The CallidusCloud Marketing Solution platform offers a complete set of SEO tools to optimize your company’s ranking in search results.

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  • Audit your website: Audit your website from time to time. See if your website is optimized for search engines by using page optimization scores.
  • Build keyword lists: Analyze keywords, find related keywords, and build a comprehensive, robust list of keywords related to your marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize web pages: Check optimization scores for your web pages. Use meta tags, anchor text, hyperlinks, and backlinks to optimize your web pages.
  • Track keyword rankings: Monitor how your keywords fare in search engines.
  • Maintain links: Identify broken links in your website. Replace them. Find duplicate titles and anchor text on your web pages.
  • Build backlinks: Identify external sites to build backlinks for your website. Discover websites, forums, article repositories, and public relations sites.
  • Track progress: Track all your SEO activities on a single dashboard.

Is Your Website Conversion Ready?

Your website is both a critical tool and asset to acquire leads. It’s on 24/7.

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