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Get from lead to money faster. We all have one goal - to generate more deals, for more money, faster than ever before. The best way to do this is to optimize your lead to money process. Identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution, enable sales forces, automate quote and proposal generation, and streamline sales compensation. All of this working in harmony means one thing: bigger deals, faster.

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Generating as many high-quality leads as possible is marketing’s job. The key to this is to have rich intelligence about what buyers are doing, when they’re doing it. Marketing automation should capture visitor insights and intent and help you uncover hot prospects. It should help you nurture leads that aren’t ready to buy, and pass those that are qualified to sales quickly.
Territory optimization is about maximizing current sales capacity to meet revenue and growth targets. Analyzing territories based on historical data, product saturation, competitor saturation, and where marketing dollars are being spent, will drive higher quota attainment. With the right data accurate territories can be defined in moments and achievable targets can be rolled out in a top down and bottom up fashion. This leads to better alignment between quotas and business objectives to ensure revenue targets are reached.
Throughout the course of a sales cycle, reps and channel partners need the right tool to get the job done. They need a sales enablement portal that can prescribe the right content, playbooks to guide them through the different buying cycles and personalized deal portals to share critical documents with buyers in a professional manner. They should be able to provide critical feedback to marketing to improve the quality of the content available in the portal. The portal should provide access to training and coaching to truly enable sales with everything they need to win, all on their mobile device.
Getting a detailed quote to your prospects quickly is critical to closing the deal. Guide reps to the right product selection, identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling and ensure the selections are configured correctly for maximum deal size. Accelerate the sales cycle whilst protecting margin with intelligent discount rules that minimize the need for workflow approvals. Mobile access means you can quote bigger and quote faster, anywhere.
Does it take your company 3 to 4 weeks to draft and approve contracts? Most companies don’t have a clearly defined process for creating contracts. To make matters worse, according to Faulkner Information Services, more than 10% of all executed contracts are lost. This can cost your company contract renewals or even incur fees due to missed deadlines. Automate your work processes, expedite creation and approval of contracts, and eliminate the need for a manual or paper-based contract system.
Sales reps are motivated by two things: money and competition. Incentives should be used to drive the adoption of behaviors that lead to more closed deals. Incentive compensation systems should drive sales performance while reducing errors in payouts and shadow accounting, boosting productivity. Balance the cash incentives program with gamification techniques such as competition and recognition to get reps to adopt the selling behaviors and tools needed to drive consistent quota attainment.
Finding the right reps and getting them up to speed quickly is a priority for every sales leader. But bad hires can cost the company money, and impact productivity. Take advantage of the tools and technology available to help you recruit and onboard the sales talent you need.
CallidusCloud platform technologies deliver easy to use, scalable solutions designed from the ground up to deliver more rapid time to value, reduced cost of ownership, and a superior customer experience.