Commissions and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions can give you the much-needed visibility and flexibility to manage your commissions and contracts.

ERP systems do not have the functionality to provide a glimpse into the global sales lifecycle quickly and efficiently; companies will need to look elsewhere to manage this or attend to it on a manual basis using spreadsheets.

For a business of any size, dealing with this on a manual basis is fraught with risk and will prove extremely costly if errors are made. Non-compliant companies risk not just fines but could be required to restate their financial statements, which as everyone knows can send investor confidence into a tailspin.


Revenue Recognition StandardDownload this report to learn how Commissions & CLM solutions work in tandem to help you:

  • Gain complete visibility into commissions, bonuses, SPIFFs, accelerators, etc.
  • Amortize commissions based on rules that you can configure
  • Send out the payout file & accounting schedule to accounting for general ledger
  • Trace commissions to original sale for complete auditability & transparency
  • Store all your contracts in a central repository to reduce manual work
  • Tag and search contracts for specific terms & conditions

Get the complimentary report now to learn how Commissions & CLM solutions work together to help you adopt the new Revenue Recognition standard.

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