Sales Enablement

Enable sales with the right content, training and coaching to win every time

Gained 3-4 hours a week of productivity per sales rep


Eliminated more than 90% of their unused selling collateral with rich content analytics


Aligned sales and marketing to improve the potency of their messaging


Increased average deal sizes by promoting solution selling vs product selling


Use deal-portals to condition buyers by sharing and tracking collateral

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Sales Enablement Solution

Single Source

Role-based access makes it easy to find the right content and protect sensitive information

  • Central repository for single source of truth
  • Systems collateral and tools organized in multiple ways for easy locating
  • Sales reps have access to the right content at the right time to help close deals
  • Role-based access helps protect sensitive information
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Mobile Sales Advisor

Access content, get immediate answers, and connect with experts on the go. Stay connected to the sales cycle anywhere, anytime.

  • Use embedded sales guidance to package customer information
  • Quickly find, understand, and take action on content
  • Rely on automated content ranking and user feedback
  • Access latest content, business intelligence, and pricing
  • Answer customer questions with relevant content
  • Package and send collateral to opportunities
  • Receive alerts when customers download content
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Sales Enablement Tools
Sales Training Software


Guide sales to the deal in record time by aligning content and messaging to each stage of the customer’s buying process.

  • Improve productivity by packaging content from across the organization in an easy to find manner
  • Guided selling helps to improve the effectiveness of a sales campaign and drive cross-sell
  • Automated alerts highlight important updates
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Collaboration arms sales with the knowledge of your top marketing, sales, and subject matter experts in every sales call.

  • Give feedback on, rate content, and full analytics on what people are looking at
  • The ability to answer your customers questions immediately and accurately
  • Easily close the communications loop, enable sales teams and partner channels to quickly provide feedback on most relevant, useful, and critical contents, and at what stage in the process
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Sales Coaching Software
Sales Coaching Tool


Better understanding of your sales channels and customer’s needs by providing analytics on what content is being used, who is using it, and at what stage of the buying cycle are they using it.

  • Role-based access for your partners – only see what is relevant to them
  • Ensure that your partner and channels are consistent and accurate in their messaging
  • Understand and identify your partner’s usage of content
  • Evaluate the lines of communication and collaboration
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Share content with buyers, track their usage and uncover new stakeholders to accelerate the sales cycle

  • Easily publish collateral to a central location to provide a rich buying experience
  • Setup deal-portals in seconds using out of the box templates
  • Understand who’s involved in the buying decisions, what are they looking at, and who are they sharing it with, based on rich analytics
  • Profile customers using actionable info including industry, potential solution, competitor, then receive the most relevant materials to leverage and deliver to the customers
  • Build Role-Based Portals for Information Sharing
  • Provide a Sales Enablement Platform to the Field
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Sales portal software
Portal Software


Connect to virtually any external system without leaving your portal environment. Use a built-in scheduling tool or a third-party product to manage key processes.

  • Import data from any system
  • Export data to financial systems, data warehouses and virtually any other system
  • Web Services and APIs to support real-time access
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Top Sales Tools from 2014-2016!

CallidusCloud enables sales with the right content, training and coaching to win every time.
CallidusCloud Sales Enablement software is a state of the art content portal that eliminates hours of dead selling time by creating a single source of truth of easily searchable content that is accessible at any time and from any location.

Product Key Features:

  • Increase average deal size by driving cross-selling and up-selling
  • Improve win rate by understanding what content is relevant to your prospect
  • Reduced sales cycle length by eliminating wasted selling time searching for needed content
  • Increase quota attainment with analytics to show where each customer is in the buying cycle so sales knows where to focus resources
  • Increase number of opportunities by providing easier access to competitive analysis and past marketing information to target prospects
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Best Sales Enablement Software

Splunk: Enabling Field Sales Success – Faster – with CallidusCloud

Splunk delivers the right content to its sales team, at the right time, using data. Bart Fanelli, Splunk’s VP of Field Success, joins Giles House, CallidusCloud CMO, at Dreamforce 2016 to talk about how Splunk leverages Salesforce with CallidusCloud.

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