The research shows that 57% of Best-in-Class organizations use analytics to determine how well sales content performs vs. only 30% of other companies.

These top performers drove 13.1% average year-over-year increase in corporate revenue, vs.4.3% for the Industry Average and a 0.5% decline among Laggard respondents.

Aberdeen Research Group surveyed 261 organizations to understand their sales enablement practices, and defined the Best-in-Class (top 20%), Industry Average (middle 50%), and Laggard (bottom 30%). They found that the Best-in-Class had visibility into sales content performance and had 50% more reps making quota than Average companies.

Aberdeen Content is King report

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  • How and why the Best-in-Class give Marketing visibility into sales content performance
  • 4 ways Top Performers make sales content as simple to use as social media
  • How the Best-in-Class use analytics to make better sales content decisions

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