Read The Aberdeen Analyst Insight and learn how Callidus Customers are making Sales Performance Management their competitive advantage!

Earlier this year, Aberdeen surveyed 534 end-user organizations to learn about their abilities to manage their sales teams effectively, and published the results in the benchmark study Sales Performance Management: Getting Everyone on the Same Page. 21 of these firms use Callidus as their SPM provider, their performance and adoption of best practices are detailed in this Analyst Insight.

Read how Callidus customers performance advantages and best-practices adoption rates outpace other organizations. You will also learn how Callidus customers have achieved these startling improvements:

  • 50% shorter sales cycles
  • 76% reduction in the time-to-productivity of new reps
  • 50% higher attainment of team quota

“Callidus customers out-perform the Best-in-Class sales organizations on the key metrics that matter to selling success.”

– Peter Ostrow, Aberdeen Group

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