Optimizing The Employee Lifecycle in the Lead to Money Process

The sales team tends to receive the brunt of the blame when they fail to meet their quota. But very often, the problem is less about their execution and more about how organizations prepare and enable them to succeed. These factors are elements of Sales Performance Management (SPM), a process Gartner Research defines as the “operational and analytical capabilities for automating and integrating the processes and functions for managing sales people and making them more effective and efficient.”

5 Steps to Better SPM Report

  • Step 1: Hiring, Onboarding and Training
  • Step 2: Planning with Quotas and Territories
  • Step 3: Giving Appraisals and Coaching
  • Step 4: Establishing Compensation and Rewards
  • Step 5: Introducing Gamification Techniques

The bottom line is, you need to support your sales team in the Lead to Money process without sacrificing your own productivity. But how? This report describes the five steps to improving your business’s SPM process to ensure that your sales team is able to perform at their full potential.

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