Good data for Sales Performance metrics is critical. Discover how you can meet the complex information demands of a fast-paced sales organization, enabling revenue growth and profitability.

Achieving greater sales performance is foremost on the minds of both sales leaders and finance executives. In today’s business environment, organizations that rely on poor data to make key sales performance decisions risk being overtaken by the competition.

Sales Performance Management (SPM) data can generate actionable information to help answer questions like:

You’ll also get insight into world-class sales and marketing alignment in five key areas:

  • Which products are we selling?
  • To what customers?
  • Which regions are underperforming and why?
  • How’s our product mix?
  • Are there better ways to spend our incentive budget?

SPM software solutions enable forward-thinking companies to make great strides in managing sales performance by helping with territory, quota setting, sales plan administration, reporting, and dispute management.

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