Telco Dealer Pro

CallidusCloud’s Telco Dealer Pro enables you to:

Onboard your dealers fast so they can generate revenue for you faster


Have a single source of truth on your dealers and their performance


Grow channel revenues, maximizing cross-sell, up-sell, and reducing customer churn


Manage the most complex external hierarchies


Spend more time analyzing data and less time pulling it

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Onboard your dealers fast in a streamlined fashion

Automate and streamline your onboarding process in a paperless environment using a flexible solution that can be configured to meet your organization’s specific needs.

With Telco Dealer Pro you can:

  • Onboard dealers in a single continuous process
  • Capture all dealer information correctly, eliminating manual errors
  • Run credit and background checks on your dealers
  • Get contracts signed electronically, shrinking turnaround times
  • Get your dealers up to speed fast on your products with integrated e-learning
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Single source of truth on your dealers

Gain a 360-degree view of all your dealers in a single place.

With Telco Dealer Pro you:

  • Have a single place to track all dealer records in real-time
  • Access all data on your dealers, from contact information to customer accounts and performance metrics
  • Increase data quality, visibility and efficiencies by easily feeding dealer information into upstream and downstream systems
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Extend Telco Dealer Pro to meet your business needs

Telco Dealer Pro is designed to put the business user in charge with minimal dependence on IT. Your dealer administrator can easily:

  • Change the look and feel of your application through simple drag and drop capabilities
  • Add an unlimited number of custom fields to support your growing business needs
  • Design and generate powerful reports
  • Build real-time integrations to and from Telco Dealer Pro
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Maximize cross-sell, up-sell and reduce customer churn

With the Account Management capability in Telco Dealer Pro, you can truly maximize dealer performance. It allows you to:

  • Have a unified view of the end customer in a single place
  • Know which of your products your customers have and who sold it to them
  • Identify hidden cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with powerful out-of-the-box reporting
  • Reduce customer churn by analyzing customer relationships
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Account Management

Manage the most complex hierarchies with ease

You need to manage complex relationships that span decades. We make it easy for you to:

  • Add unlimited levels to your hierarchy with no need for any coding
  • Build complex hierarchies organized by region, state, revenue tiers and more
  • Manage evolving relationships with a complete view of historical, current, and future states
  • Ensure that the right dealers get credit for every sale
  • Be sure that your employees are effectively monitoring your expansive dealer network
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Spend less time pulling data and more time analyzing it

With Telco Dealer Pro the business user can manage integrations easily, both from legacy as well as cloud applications. Easily pull sales transaction details from your CRM and ERP system and push information into your compensation management or learning management systems. You get a range of integration options, including:

  • A built-in integration portal aimed at the business user
  • REST-based web services
  • CallidusCloud Connect and others
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Partner with a trusted cloud provider

Telco Dealer Pro is part of a complete set of solutions that can help you move from lead to money faster, helping you close more deals for more money. CallidusCloud provides:

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