Territory and Quota

Linking territories and quotas gives you the ability to use actionable data based on historical performance and whitespace potential to value territories and then define, assign, and adjust quotas based on those territory values.

By optimizing Territory and Quota, CallidusCloud customers can expect:

A 15% increase in revenue from optimized territories


10% “Lost Opportunity” recovered from defined territories and quotas

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Determine the true value of your territories

Intuitively design, optimize, assign, and manage territories based on opportunity, workload, account information, and geography. Gain alignment between potential and sales capacity to maximize sales revenue

  • Define and manage sales territories based on products, accounts, geography, or any complex user defined criteria using an intuitive territory builder interface
  • Respond to market changes and rep turnover quickly to ensure no opportunity is lost
  • Prevent over or under allocation of accounts
  • Ensure every rep is productive by providing them a strategic list of accounts to target in record time
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Use data to make critical decisions

Tap into the data and systems you need to understand what your territories are worth and how targets should be allocated.

  • Use historical performance metrics to understand how territories and accounts have performed in the past
  • Gain insight from market potential and territory saturation when valuing territories
  • Model “what if” scenarios to simulate changes in sales capacity
  • Automatically apply uplifts and distribute targets
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Territory & Quota Software
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Assign Equitable Quotas

Set sales quotas using a self-service collaboration platform for quota allocation and team-based distribution, and gain real time visibility into quota attainment.

  • Improve attainment by setting quotas based on true potential and value of territories
  • Automate and accelerate quota setting, adjustments, and approvals using built in workflow
  • Allocate quotas based on allocation rules, with built-in assignment and variance rules
  • Gain real-time attainment visibility and react in real-time to achieve top results and boost overall quota attainment
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Top Sales Tools of 2013-2015!

CallidusCloud Territory and Quota is a powerful tool for defining territories, setting targets and rolling these out to each payee.

With CallidusCloud Territory and Quota, organizations can now transform the territory definition and target setting process so that it’s completely online and managed with integrated collaboration, analytics and workflow. It saves time and improves productivity by eliminating manual processes (spreadsheets, e-mail) for managing, auditing and tracking territory definition and target setting combined with real time analytics to review historical ongoing performance and target attainment.

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  • Create Territories and Quickly Distribute Quotas
  • Sales Territory Management Checklist
  • How to Use 7 Simple Quota Practices to Skyrocket Sales [OnDemand Webinar]
  • Territory and Quota Brochure
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