Companies using best-in-class sales compensation management tools:

Automate sales and producer onboarding process


Simplify ongoing communications and maintaining compliance


Easily manage commissions disputes and changes


Approve changes faster


Automate follow-up on uncompleted tasks


Easily adapt CallidusCloud Workflow to your requirements


Quickly implement end-to-end business processes across applications

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Business Process Software
Process Management Software

Onboard employees through a paperless process

With CallidusCloud Workflow software, you can optimize employee, partner, agent, and producer onboarding processes.

  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party services for background checks, credit checks, continuing education records, licenses, and accreditations
  • Manage the entire applicant tracking process
  • Correspond with applicants throughout the onboarding process
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Increase transparency and communication of your compensation process

Use CallidusCloud Workflow to optimize compensation plan distribution and communication, and to resolve disputes. Workflow extends the same functionality in Commissions to make the process configurable to your organization’s specific needs.

  • Distribute compensation plans across your sales force using a configurable process
  • Manage and track compensation disputes with logic-inspired, configurable steps
  • Remove the manual exchange of spreadsheets and emails by approving decisions within the system
  • Reclaim operations time, so people can focus on activities that add greater value
  • Increase accuracy of data through review and approval of sales transactions and calculated payments
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Sales Process Management Software
CPQ Workflow Software

Strengthen workflow functionality in CPQ to meet your unique requirements

Workflow supports customizing CallidusCloud Configure Price Quote (CPQ) for complex sales cycles. Include more teams in the quotation process through collaboration and initiating tasks

  • Create tasks within CPQ for different members of the sales team or other departments
  • Empower sales reps to get answers while configuring quotes within CPQ through the Ask an Expert function powered by Workflow
  • Manage review of updates to product and pricing data for CPQ
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Improve sales and marketing processes

With CallidusCloud Workflow, you can accelerate decision-making, and improve sales and marketing performance by triggering business rules based on data. Workflow can help you automate assignment rules, notifications, reminders, escalations, and service level agreements.

  • Assign quotas by territory, sector, or individual accounts
  • Distribute a bonus pool to participants
  • Assign participants to territories, sectors, or specific clients
  • Request and approve credit for sales
  • Execute drip campaigns based on prospect intent and behavior
  • Easily create targeted, integrated multichannel campaigns and track their progress
  • Manage disputes and questions from initial request to analysis, response, and resolution
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Improve Sales Process
Business Process Automation Software

Automate any business process in your organization

With Workflow you can create a solution that meets your unique business needs. Most companies manage and approve processes through paper or email. Use Workflow to take the complexity out of sorting incoming information and assigning tasks. When you do, you’ll bring predictability, accountability, and insight to your business processes.

  • Automate assignment with easy to configure business rules
  • Make sure everyone is kept in the loop with notifications, reminders, escalations, and service level agreements
  • Create processes easily with the 3 step wizard
  • Design custom forms and screens with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer
  • Manage access to information with configurable permissions and read/write access
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