C3 2014 got off to a great start yesterday morning with the opening Keynote by Leslie Stretch, President & CEO of CallidusCloud. If you missed it, here are the key highlights.

The Staggering Pace of Change Today

CallidusCloud CEO, Leslie Stretch, on stage at #caldc3, discussing the pace of change in today’s business environment (pic.twitter.com/3m47Ci5Nx5)

Key Point: There is no information overload in today’s world.

According to Leslie Stretch, CEO & President of CallidusCloud, information overload is an old idea; the human brain is built to process it; built to take it in, with huge implications on sales effectiveness.

Key Topic: The first generation of cloud software was built in silos

All companies want to close more deals, close larger deals, and close these deals faster.

Leslie pointed out that there are a plethora of different tools created to help accomplish small pieces of these objectives, in different ways.

In order to hit on all of these objectives and truly transform the way sales teams sell, a coherent lead to money process that can optimize all of these tools and technologies together is needed. (Check out this benchmark guide to see where Best-in-Class companies stack up in the lead-to-money process.)

Key Point: Do you want this, or do you want this?

  • Do you want this: Siloed solutions for marketing automation, territory planning, learning management, sales enablement, CPQ, Contract management, commissions – leading to an unintegrated lead to money path.
  • Or, do you want this: One integrated lead to money solution
  • Do you want this: 7 various service level agreements, contracts, support representatives.
  • Or, do you want this: One friendly face in support to work with and support your lead to money process.
  • Do you want this: Different UI’s, different user interfaces, different user experiences.
  • Or, do you want this: One unified simple UI with single sign on and access to the lead to money flow.
  • Do you want this: 7 large bills to support lead to money solutions.
  • Or, do you want this: One reduced cost of total ownership and increased ROI.

As Sarika Khanna points out,

Opening Keynote Takeaway: Raising the Standards and Unifying the Standards

“Different user interfaces, different user experience…we all think software works to the same standards but that’s not true, and it’s a nightmare for our customers – we’ve committed to changing this – across our platform and across other peoples as well.”

“In summary, what we really want from software is technology gone – out of the way – and one integrated data path to perform extract data analytics, create insights and take action from that integrated data. All of which is impossible to do in the silos.” – Leslie Stretch

You can check out the recorded keynote here, and keep an eye out for more blog posts from C3 2014!

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