How to Build a Sales Acceleration Machine

What is a sales acceleration machine? And more importantly, how do you make one at your organization? To put it simply, it is a smooth and well-oiled mechanism between marketing and sales that facilitates working leads through a clearly defined step-by-step process till they turn into revenue.

Highly integrated sales and marketing teams achieve higher revenue goals. According to Demand Metric, 80% of companies that have highly integrated sales and marketing teams achieve revenue goals as against only 36% of companies that achieve goals when there is zero integration. It’s clear from this statistic that sales and marketing integration is not just desirable, but can also bring tangible and quantifiable results. But even today, for many companies, sales and marketing integration still remains nothing more than a distant dream.

So how do you achieve this much sought after and elusive integration? Should it be top down or bottom up? Can you just shut marketing and sales together in a conference room until they settle their differences and integrate? Is there a framework to start the integration process and how do you match it to customer needs?

Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc suggests a four-pronged approach in his presentation Aligning Sales & Marketing Into a Single, Cohesive Sales Acceleration Machine which he presented at our annual customer conference, C3 held earlier this year. If you aim to create a unified sales and marketing team that works in unison to achieve company goals, this presentation is a must read.

By Jennifer Kling | July 1st, 2014 | C3

About the Author: Jennifer Kling

Jennifer Kling

Jennifer Kling is Sr. Product Marketing Manager at CallidusCloud with over 16 years experience in sales and marketing roles in the high-tech industry. As a product marketer, she is responsible for applying market research to product messaging. She loves a good debate - whether it is over the most effective sales incentives or the Oxford comma.