Speaker-Peyton-Manning-C3You may have heard the news by now: the celebrity keynote speaker at C3 2016 in Las Vegas is Peyton Manning. Yes, that Peyton Manning, the five-time most valuable player of the National Football League, two-time Superbowl champion and the all-time leader in passing yards. If you’re from New York, you may know him as Eli’s brother.

That’s one great reason to come to our annual conference, being held this year from May 9 to 11, but it’s not the only one. In fact, Peyton’s appearance is the figurative frosting on an enormous, information-laden cake that will reward you with more than a celebrity sighting.

First off, the show is targeted at all sales, marketing, learning and customer experience pros who understand that success is not just about being great at their jobs but also about helping others in the organization be great, too. That requires a mindset that understands that what influences any one of those four main roles has an impact on the other roles, too. That makes the show’s content truly unique.

Second, while the show’s being put on by CallidusCloud, it’s primarily about the ideas that drive your success. The stories of the customers at this event are usually not technology stories – they’re stories about businesses identifying and conquering challenges, and the work of understanding the problems and considering solution strategies had to be performed successfully before any technology could be considered.

Third, it’s in Las Vegas at the Wynn, which is a great venue for an event. The pool-side Customer Appreciation Party (with featured musical guest CeCe Peniston) on Tuesday and a great reception on Wednesday evening at the end of the event are two of the highlights of the social aspect of C3. The venue also makes it easy to meet your peers and form new professional relationships. We often say that the most important conversations at C3 often happen in the hallways between sessions.

Fourth, the sessions are great. Thought leaders like Paul Greenberg, Jeff Kaplan and Tad Travis provide insight, context and concrete suggestions for companies seeking to improve their Lead to Money process in ways that are customer-centric and take advantage of emerging trends, like the Internet of Things.

Fifth – and speaking of the Internet of Things – the keynote by CallidusCloud CEO and President Leslie Stretch will address how the IoT, predictive analytics, smart incentives and other emerging technologies will transform business and how the Lead to Money suite is being transformed to capitalize on these technology trends to give the company’s customers a head start on the next age of business. We call it “Generation Customer” – meaning an era where customer expectations are becoming greater and more stringent, and one in which the businesses that will thrive will learn to meet those expectations as they evolve.

That’s five reasons besides Peyton Manning to come to C3 2016. Having attended many shows as a journalist in a past life, I often found myself trying to consider one good reason for having gone to an event. C3 is nothing like that – it delivers on its promises, and then some.

Check out the C3 registration page – the agenda is live and you can see for yourself how deep the session lineup is this year. And, once you decide you need to be there, check out the justification letter explaining to your supervisor why it’s so important for you, your company and even your boss that you attend this year’s show.

See you in Las Vegas in May!

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