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Get ConnectionsLiving in Spreadsheets

If you’re an accountant like me, you probably live in spreadsheets. It can be a bit reclusive; most of us are guilty of it. But when the finance team at Commvault started implementation of CallidusCloud Commissions in 2015, we had to get more social and share ideas. We had to ask each other tough questions like, “What will we do if sales wants this SPIFF?” and “Will this scale when we grow?” We answered and planned for all of our questions by frequently communicating with the CallidusCloud Professional Services Team and our key stakeholders. And it was well worth it – our three-month implementation was successful. I knew I had to go to C3 2016 to communicate our ideas to a larger audience.

It’s a Simple Question: How Do You Structure Comp Plans?

After I gave my presentation about Life After Spreadsheets, people recognized me. They approached me to talk about the similarities between our experiences using CallidusCloud Commissions. I was asked questions like, “How do you structure comp plans?” and “How do you distribute comp plans at Commvault?” That gave me the opportunity to hear how other CallidusCloud customers similar to Commvault are using the Lead to Money suite. The back-and-forth exchange was very valuable. And the conversations we had went beyond CallidusCloud, so I kept in touch with several of these people after the event. It was great networking. get connected

The Perks of Being Social

As a speaker, everything at C3 is more social. I was simply an attendee in 2015, so I got to see the perks of being a speaker clearly in 2016. I was included in a lot more things – the dinners and happy hours and opportunities to meet people at the top of the CallidusCloud organization. I was also invited to take part in an on-site Customer Advisory Board for Commissions. It was the best thing I did while I was there because it was very interesting. I gained useful insights and connected with more Commissions users. I’m excited to #ConnectatC3 in 2017 so I can keep being social. Share your ideas; speak at C3.

By Christina Freilich | March 1st, 2017 | C3

About the Author: Christina Freilich

Christina Freilich

Christina Freilich is a CPA who spent 3 years in public accounting right out of college. In December 2010, she transitioned to Commvault Systems, Inc. There she is involved in general and international accounting, specialized projects, software rev rec accounting standards, and internal and public reporting work. Christina was on the core implementation team for Commvault System Inc.’s ERP transition and was the project manager of the new CallidusCloud Commissions implementation.