Speaking at C3 Creates Lasting Connections

I’ve been going to C3 for years – pretty much as long as there has been a C3. Leslie Stretch, president and CEO of CallidusCloud, terms people like me “C3 Gladiators” – customers that have not only been around awhile but actively seek to revolutionize the way their organizations make money. C3 2016 Wynn Las Vegas - Speaking at C3My favorite thing about speaking at C3 is, above all else, the comradery. There seems to be a genuine respect and affection among all the CallidusCloud employees whom I’ve met, and being a speaker in that environment is like getting together with friends. Those friends include members who are involved at higher levels of the organization. Getting to know them and hearing their thoughts – candidly and casually – is enjoyable. It allows me to see where CallidusCloud is headed next. And it gives me the opportunity to talk about what my company, Xirrus, is doing with CallidusCloud products – not only with the executives but also with companies in attendance that are similar to Xirrus. I get to share what we are doing to solve particular problems and receive great feedback and follow-up questions. It’s interesting to hear how other companies are using the Lead to Money suite and that my story gave them another way to look at their use cases. With that said, the entire event isn’t just about CallidusCloud products. There are other outstanding things to round out the experience – like the intriguing, unusual, and somewhat unexpected guest keynote speakers. Marcus Luttrell spoke in 2015, and it was amazing to hear his story. I still have the signed copy of his book that CallidusCloud gifted to everyone in attendance. And lastly, as a C3 speaker, I had access to the VIP Lounge. If you’ve been to big events like C3, you know it’s difficult to find a quiet place. The event rooms and halls are full of people, music, and noise, so having that lounge to go to is a great advantage. Overall, it’s a fun event, and I can’t wait to be back this year. Share your ideas; be a C3 speaker.

By Rick Austinson | February 7th, 2017 | C3

About the Author: Rick Austinson

Rick Austinson

Rick Austinson is Senior Director of IT for Xirrus, Inc., the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. He has more than 20 years of IT management experience having managed teams at Ixia and Xircom, as well as firms as diverse as Health Net, Inc. and Reiter Affiliated Companies. Rick has also been an independent consultant, working with clients on CRM, ERP and PLM selection and implementation.