The Power of the Nudge

A recent article LinkedIn article by Laszlo Bock told a story of how Google helped its employees cut three million calories from their diets by putting candy in opaque jars while displaying healthier snacks like fruit and granola bars out in the open.  Simple tricks that produce dramatic improvements to our lives are all around us; just look up “Life Pro Tips” and you’ll see terabytes of ideas on quick and easy shortcuts (just this morning I learned that I can avoid spilling my coffee by focusing on the mug while I walk…it really does work).The Power of the Nudge In the CallidusCloud world, those of us who have been working with Commissions since it was still called TrueComp Manager have collected pro tips since we wrote our first Credit Rule. For these folks, designing compensation plans, running calculations and optimizing rules is more of an art than a science. Talk to experienced Commission gurus, and they will look at your best compensation plan – the one you worked on for six weeks – scrunch up their foreheads and pronounce, “You know, there’s an easier way to do that.” That’s why this year at C3, we are going to make it fun for all you compensation experts to share your tips for Commissions and Incentive Compensation. If you’re the person that looks at every plan that your colleagues created and think, “I could have done in three words what they did using five pages of SQL code!” we want to give you a place to share your “nudges” by having a contest. The contest will be Top 10 Tips for Commissions. Once we’ve received all the entries, a completely unbiased panel of judges will pick the 10 best submissions, which we’ll present at a breakout of the same name at C3. Not only does everyone get to see your brilliant idea (and more importantly, your name), but of course we’ll also have prizes. There is a deadline of April 30, because we need some time to pick the winners. Here’s how it works:

  • First, you have to have a Callidus Support login. Go to; if you don’t have a login, there’s a link to request one at the top of the page.
  • If you already have a Callidus Support login, use the same credentials to log in to the Community.
  • Open a Private Message using the little envelope in the upper right, and send your idea to lgolden.
  • Finally, book your trip and purchase your C3 pass if you haven’t done so yet!
By Lara Golden | April 17th, 2015 | C3

About the Author: Lara Golden

Lara Golden

Lara Golden is the Director of the CallidusCloud Global Community. She has been with CallidusCloud since 2006 as a technical trainer and later Manager of Education Services. She is a member of the Customer Experience Council and a champion of customer enablement.