What you missed at C3: Tuesday Wrap-Up

We just wrapped up an amazing second day of CallidusCloud Connections (C3) in Las Vegas, and many still have the sounds of Robert Randolph and the Family Band ringing in our ears. The spectacular customer appreciation party was the last event of a day that started with a keynote from CallidusCloud CEO Leslie Stretch, was followed up by a riveting talk by “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell, and continued with 24 breakout sessions, a keynote from Accenture, and a remarkable wrap-up by David McCandless spotlighting the power of data used in context, with smart design and in conjunction with other data. The opening keynote recording is available to watch, and if you haven’t seen it you should. In it, Leslie – ably assisted by Dan Koelhoffer, Rory Cameron and Jimmy Duan with a special appearance by Lenovo’s Scott Ottman – talks through the Predictive Sales Performance Platform, a combination of the data already contained in Commissions with analytics from the Thunderbridge platform. The result is a platform that helps make sales forecasts more accurate, allows sales managers to understand how modifications to comp plans and sales behaviors will affect sales performance, and can be used to understand the potential sales outcomes for individual sales pros and entire sales teams. Take note of the example of real data used to project sales outcomes and the PSPP’s projection and how close it hews to actual results. This is no “by guess and by golly” projection – it’s based on history and provides as accurate a view of the future as is possible. C3 2015 Opening KeynoteThe PSPP also allows managers to visualize data in an assortment of ways, helping to present critical data in a visually easy to understand format and shortening the time to insight. The Litmos team unveiled Litmos Boost, a mobile and wearable-based application that sends “booster” questions to trainees at scheduled intervals to remind them of what they’ve learned just at the point where retention slackens. It’s a simple, convenient way to beat the “forgetting curve” and get the most ROI from your learning budget. Insurers were treated to Producer Pro, which provides them with a single platform to manage producers (instead of the multiple point solutions most use today). It simplifies onboarding, manages complex relationship with agents, brokers and agencies, and minimizes administrative headaches, ultimately improving the performance of producers. There was far more news than could be contained in this blog within the keynote – go watch it for yourself and see the innovations CallidusCloud is bringing to market. The audience for all this was rapt and ready to hear news that can help their businesses – and that continued into the sessions, which were nearly all well-attended and had engaged audiences keeping the presenters on their toes with questions. This is an audience of people who have distinct ideas about how they do business and who are ready to learn ways to do it better. The afternoon session with David McCandless had a little echo of the keynotes’ emphasis on visualization, and it showed how important context is to understanding data, especially large numbers. He also reiterated the need for good design, because it builds trust in the numbers and creates new ways to see data more effectively. More news is in store on Wednesday! Stay tuned!

By Chris Bucholtz | May 13th, 2015 | C3

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Chris Bucholtz

Chris Bucholtz is the content marketing director at CallidusCloud and writes on a host of topics, including sales, marketing and customer experience. The former editor of InsideCRM, his weekly column has run in CRM Buyer since 2009. When he's not pondering ways to acquire and keep customers, Chris is also an avid builder of scale model airplanes.