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Customer Experience

How to prevent customer experience efforts from failing (Part 1)

customer experience

It feels like we should all be able to agree on how important customer experience really is. How your customers FEEL about your brand has a direct and powerful impact on your business results. And yet I hear things that disturbingly put customer experience (CX) into a singular framework. How you define customer experience—in your own organization and within your internal communications—determines how seriously everyone in your organization will take it.

By Jeannie Walters | January 3rd, 2018

The Customer Experience Perception Gap

Customer Experience

The good news is, more and more company leaders are starting to get that they need to focus on the customer experience; the bad news is, many—most—are still struggling with the concept, choosing instead to focus on sales, metrics, and maximizing shareholder value. The crazy thing is that they think that they are customer focused.

By Annette Franz | December 6th, 2017
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