For the Customer, by the Customer. Meet-Ups with CallidusCloud

I’ve been in a Support role for several years, four of which have been with CallidusCloud, and as a result, I’ve learned a few things about the relationship between a company and its customers. A particularly important thing I’ve discovered is that in order to learn about customers’ experiences and needs, you have to take a walk in their shoes. I’ve gotten great advice from CallidusCloud customers when I’ve asked them to share their use cases and success stories. But I’ve seen even better insights when I’ve observed customers engage with one another. Meet up

Fostering Customer Discussion

With this knowledge in mind, my team launched customer meet-ups earlier this year. The second one was held at Pivotal in Palo Alto. We briefly spent time sharing CallidusCloud product roadmaps and new features, but the main focus was on customer discussion. Our customers wrote down topics they wanted to share on a whiteboard at the beginning of the meetup, and then they talked with one another about each item. Many of the people in attendance were from Sales Ops teams, and their focus was on empowering their sales teams to be more efficient with automated processes. image002

Innovation in the Customer's Hands

The new UI for CallidusCloud Commissions was discussed. It was released in February of this year and will replace the old Incentive Management next year. This allows users to work independently of Java, so you don’t have to constantly worry about installing the newest Java application. Plan Communicator, a tool within Commissions, was also a highlight. It enables Sales Ops teams to roll out new plans to their sales teams with the tool’s approval processes, self-service tracking, and management of plan forms. Lastly, Dan Koellhofer, the SVP of products at CallidusCloud, introduced the Commissions Lightning App that allows users to access the platform on their phones. image003

Lessons Learned

My team and CallidusCloud as a whole know it’s impossible to grow and get better without change, so we plan on continuing to have these meet-ups. More importantly, we plan on implementing changes from the feedback we receive. For example, as a result of this meetup, we plan on making more robust user guides when we release new product features. The next meetup will be sometime in February at a CallidusCloud customer’s office in the Bay Area. If you are a current CallidusCloud Commissions customer, we’d love for you to join! Sign up on the CallidusCloud Community for more information about meet-ups, product roadmaps, and product features. image004

By Meenu Bhanot | November 17th, 2016 | Commissions

About the Author: Meenu Bhanot

Meenu Bhanot

Meenu Bhanot is the Director of Support Operations at CallidusCloud. She is a passionate advocate for customer experience and is always looking for ways to enable the support organization to delight customers and exceed their expectations. When she needs to unwind, she finds her meditative self in long distance running.


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