Lenovo told everyone how to invest time, did you miss it?

Are your sales commission cycles taking too much time to calculate? Are you worried about accuracy and timeliness? Then it’s time to learn how to optimize your sales commission process. Start by listening to the story of technology leader Lenovo.

sales-commissionWe recently hosted a webinar with our client and partner Lenovo on how they revolutionized their sales commission process. The webinar featured Josh Stamer, Sales Incentive and Commissions Program Manager for Lenovo, who shared how he was able to save 30 hours a week on sales commission cycles. Lenovo, one of the world’s largest technology companies, has a global sales force of over 3,000. They needed a better solution for calculating and paying commissions with accuracy.

Lenovo chose the CallidusCloud Commissions tool to make it happen. Now Stamer and his team have 30 hours back every week so they can focus on other things. If you missed our webinar, that’s okay, you can still watch the recording.

In the webinar, we review all the challenges Lenovo faced as well as how and why they chose us. Lenovo went from multiple platforms to one with our Lead to Money solution. With the Commissions component, Lenovo now can process commissions once a week for their entire sales team, no matter the country. This works for their enterprise that has employees in 60 countries with 10,000 transactions a month. Simplicity and powerful tools changed Lenovo’s sales commission process, and it can change yours, too.

Watch the recording to see how Lenovo and CallidusCloud worked together for a better solution.

By Gary Weinberg | March 6th, 2018 | Commissions

About the Author: Gary Weinberg

Gary Weinberg

Gary Weinberg is Sr. Solutions Engineer at CallidusCloud, responsible for designing and delivering compelling product demonstrations around sales performance management.  Gary has over 15 years experience in presales and professional services roles in talent management and compensation.