Sales compensation management: Tackling the dirty data problem

Fifty years ago, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio, caught fire for thirteenth and final time, 101 years after the first fire on the river. With the culmination of decades of industrial pollution along the river, the river was so dirty the water was opaque, it smelled, and Cleveland became the running joke on the Great Lakes. Shortly thereafter, the Environmental Protection Agency was formed, in part as a result of this fire, providing governance and oversight to clean the river.

In the world of enterprise sales, many organizations have a dirty data problem. Unaddressed, dirty data manifests in many processes, sales compensation being one, commonly driven by disparate data sources, data types, systems integrations and poorly governed processes.

The impacts to sales compensation can be far reaching and the comp team may know even know until a rep points it out, leading them to distrust of the process and their pay.

The good news is that there is a lot that can be done proactively to govern, control and provide proactive line of site to dirty data before it becomes a problem.

At the 2019 WorldatWork Spotlight on Sales Compensation in Chicago, I’ll explain how to approach dirty data problems for the needs of sales and sales compensation. I offer a unique perspective with years of experience as a sales compensation practitioner and as a solution lead. I will offer real and pragmatic actions any organization can take to start their data governance activities or improve an existing program, all through the lens of what sales compensation needs.

I will cover the following areas:

  • The types of data and data transformations that should be governed and monitored, beyond master data.
  • How to establish and enable a data governance structure to support sales compensation processes.
  • How to maintain compliance and oversight regarding the health of the end to end data ecosystem supporting sales compensation.

With a wide array of data required throughout the sales compensation process, active data governance is required. Organizations with clean data have sales reps that trust their results who are focused on selling, not questioning the comp team.

Join us Monday, August 19, at the event to learn more and we look forward to seeing you there!

By Barbara Rubis | August 7th, 2019 | Commissions

About the Author: Barbara Rubis

Barbara Rubis

Barbara's areas of expertise include sales compensation planning and administration, sales intelligence, sales processes, tools and technologies, territory and quota design, crediting and payment rules, sales policies, pricing strategies, and sales execution. Barbara is also an expert in operational and organization change management, vendor selection, perpetual to software-as-a-service revenue model migrations, and working and managing systems integrators. Prior to joining SAP, Barbara held the role of research director at SiriusDecisions within the Sales Operations Strategies practice conducting and publishing new research across Sales Operations, with special focus on Sales Compensation and Deal Pursuit strategies. Barbara's background also includes serving as Director of Global Sales Compensation and other sales operations roles.