Sales Transformation at NetApp

In today’s sales environment, agility is the key to success. The market moves fast and companies have to move faster to keep on top of it.

Sales Transformation

At our Customer Experience Live conference in Barcelona, several customers discussed how they work to keep their sales organizations as agile as possible.

For example, NetApp, the largest provider of enterprise storage, described how it was expanding its focus beyond hardware to the cloud, and wanted to streamline its sales processes. But the company ran into an obstacle: Its legacy customer relationship management (CRM) system, which it had been using for several years.

The CRM was highly customized for the company’s large sales organization of thousands of users, both direct and indirect. The customization made it impossible for NetApp to make necessary changes, Steven Cox, lead of global sales tools, told attendees at SAP Customer Experience Live.

NetApp needed a CRM that would support its transformation strategy to drive growth and innovation. The storage giant seized this as an opportunity to switch CRM platforms and simplify its business processes by cutting out customizations and focusing on out-of-the box functionality.

NetApp decided to replace its legacy CRM with SAP Cloud for Customer, part of the SAP Sales Cloud portfolio, in order to have a flexible platform to enable change.

In his session, Cox described the planning and integration work that went into making a successful switch.

With user groups, the global company embarked on a thorough, top-to-bottom review of its processes to reassess needs and define business requirements.  It assigned a team to work on seven major integrations, including several third-party applications. NetApp tapped system integrator Ernst and Young to help with the project.

NetApp cut over to SAP Cloud for Customer on one weekend day, no small feat considering all the pieces involved and gigabytes of data that needed to be moved into the CRM and synchronized. Altogether, the switch was made on time and on budget.

Recognizing that change is a big deal for users, NetApp proactively met with various user constituencies ahead of time to let them know what was happening. Once it was time to cut over, they were well prepared, Cox said.

The company also recruited one person from every major office to participate in the planning calls to ensure there was someone local who understood the process, he said.

Having SAP expert services available after the switch was key, Cox said.

With SAP Cloud for Customer, NetApp now has a CRM that’s flexible as it grows and aligned with its vision of the future.

Learn more about how SAP Cloud for Customer, part of the SAP Sales Cloud portfolio, can help your business. If you missed Customer Experience Live this fall, you can watch the keynotes and sessions here.

By Marcia Savage | December 18th, 2018 | CRM

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